Mission Statement

'How many roads must a man walk down. Before you call him a man? How many seas must a white dove sail. Before she sleeps in the sand?'
- Bob Dylan

We invite you to take part in a cultural protest.

This Saturday, 12th of September 2015 at 7pm BST, we will stage a secret screening protest in a Central London location and simultaneously in the Jungle Refugee camp in Calais. Standing in solidarity with the tragic plight of refugees in the biggest crisis since the Second World War.

We are building a makeshift cinema in the Calais Refugee camp for this event and with your support, we want to build further cinemas in camps worldwide, screening a wide cultural programme for both adults and children.

We will send a powerful message to those that need to listen and ask you to join us in large numbers. To register your place in the London protest, please use the link below. The screening will also support the Refugee Council. The location and further instructions will be sent to ticket holders on Thursday, 10th of September.

We kindly ask you to donate what you can towards the cause. Even if you cannot attend the event, you can still donate here.

Screenings are confirmed in the UK, Japan, Kenya, Tunisia and France. Get in touch here if you would like to host a screening in your country. Artists and organisations interested in becoming part of the movement, please email us using the link below.

It is time to move. It is time to act.
#SecretProtest #LoveRefugees

All donations from the London screening will go to the Refugee Council.
Donate as much as you can to support refugees in the UK.